A Guide to Women in Canadian History

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Historic Sites

National Historic Sites for Canadian Women's History

The following National Historic Sites, designated by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada, relate to the contributions of women in Canadian history.

  • Acadia Ladies’ Seminary
    Wolfville, Nova Scotia
    Seminary built in 1878

  • Amnesley Hall
    Toronto, Ontario
    A university residence for women dating from 1902-03

  • Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead
    St. George, Ontario
    Childhood home of social reformer Adelaide Hunter Hoodless

  • Ann Baillie Building
    Kingston, Ontario
    Nurses’ residence

  • Begbie Hall
    Victoria, British Columbia
    Nurses' residence

  • Chiefswood
    Six Nations Grande River Reserve, Ontario
    Birthplace of writer/entertainer Pauline Johnson

  • Carr House
    Emily Carr House
    (copyright Merna Forster)
    Emily Carr House
    Victoria, British Columbia
    Birthplace of artist and writer Emily Carr

  • Erland Lee (Museum) Home
    Stoney Creek, Ontario Site where the constitution of the first Women’s Institute was drafted

  • Grey Nuns’ Convent
    St. Boniface, Manitoba
    Mission house from 1845-51

  • Grey Nuns’ Hospital
    Montreal, Quebec
    A hospital rebuilt by Mère d’Youville in 1765

  • Hershey Pavilion
    Montreal, Quebec
    Nurses’ residence built in 1905, with an addition in 1932

  • Hotel-Dieu de Québec
    Québec, Quebec
    Site of the Augustine Order Hospital, the first permanent hospital in North America built north of Mexico

  • Hotel-Dieu de Saint Joseph de Tracadie
    Tracadie, New Brunswick
    Established by the Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph

  • La Corne Nursing Station
    La Corne, Quebec
    Built 1940

  • Leaskdale Manse
    Leaskdale, Ontario
    Home of author Lucy Maud Montgomery 1911-1926; built c. 1886

  • Miss Davis’ School Residence/Twin Oaks
    St. Andrews, Manitoba
    Girls school from the mid 1850s; Red River architecture

  • Pavillon Mailloux
    Montreal, Quebec
    Nurses residence

  • Ruby’s Place (Part of the Dawson Historical Complex)
    Dawson City, Yukon
    A building c. 1903, which was used as a house of prostitution 1935-62

  • St. Ann's Academy
    St. Ann's Academy
    (copyright Merna Forster)
    St. Ann’s Academy
    Victoria, British Columbia
    Private girls school, 19th century

  • St. Boniface Hospital Nurses’ Residence
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Nurses’ residence, built in 1928

  • Trois-Rivières Historical Complex
    A residential and religious district that includes the Ursuline convent school (1700-1770)
    Trois-Rivières, Quebec

  • Ursuline Monastery
    Québec, Quebec
    Historic religious complex; includes altar from the 1730s

  • Walker Theatre
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    Playhouse built in 1906, site of Women’s Movement meetings in 1914

  • Wilberforce Red Cross Outpost
    Wilberforce, Ontario
    A former Red Cross Outpost

  • Women’s College Hospital
    Toronto, Ontario
    A major hospital and research centre

For more information about commemorations of the Historic Site and Monuments Board of Canada related to the contributions of women in Canadian history, see:

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