A Guide to Women in Canadian History

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Test your knowledge of notable women in Canadian history. How well do you know Canadian

Twenty-five multiple-choice questions based on the book 100 Canadian Heroines: Famous and Forgotten Faces, the
ultimate guide to cool Canadian women from every corner of the country.

canadian heroines


1. Which author wrote the first Canadian book that sold more than a million copies? 2. Who was the first woman in Canada to be elected as a federal member of parliament?

(National Archives of Canada/C-006908)
3. Who was the Black woman charged in 1734 with setting a major fire in Montreal to escape her life as a slave? 4. Who is known as the Heroine of Acadia? 5. Which of the following famous women grew up in Toronto as Gladys Smith? 6. What was the name of the talented Canadian Olympian (Amsterdam 1928) who was said to be the world’s greatest woman athlete?

(National Archives of Canada/PA-151007)
7. After the outbreak of World War II this woman played an important role in organizing a school system for Japanese Canadian children sent to detention camps in the British Columbia interior. Who was she? 8. Who was the first Canadian doctor to serve in China? 9. This artist painted some of Canada’s most well-known paintings of voyageurs. Who was she?

Hopkins painting
Canoe Manned by Voyageurs Passing a Waterfall
(National Archives of Canada/C-002771)
10. Who was the first Canadian woman to become a nuclear physicist? 11. Who was the Mohawk stateswoman who helped the British gain support of the Iroquois during the American Revolutionary War? 12. Anna Leonowens, the onetime governess in the court of the King of Siam, became a prominent feminist in what Canadian city?

13. Who was the woman involved in the discovery of gold that resulted in the Klondike gold rush? 14. Who was the Nova Scotia woman sentenced to death after helping people escape from the Nazis while she lived in the Netherlands? 15. On October 18, 1929 the Privy Council in England declared that under the British North America Act women were recognized as persons, who were eligible to be appointed to the Canadian Senate. The battle to gain this important right was waged by a group of Alberta women now known as The Famous Five. Which of the following women did not belong to The Famous Five? 16. Who was the first Canadian woman to be named a saint?

Pierre Le Ber painting
(Portrait by Pierre Le Ber)
17. Mrs. Kwong Lee became the first female Chinese immigrant to Canada when she arrived in Victoria in what year? 18. Who was Taqulittuq, also known as Tookoolito? 19. This famous Canadian singer was a favourite of Queen Victoria and sang at her funeral. Who was she? 20. What was the name of the adventurous woman who managed to become the first female geologist in Canada? 21. Who was the first woman to climb Mt. Robson - the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies?

Crossing a creek with her third sixty-pound load.
(The Unknown Mountain, 1948)
22. Who was known as “Lily of the Mohawks”? 23. Who was the first woman in the world to design an airplane? 24. Who was the woman that was one of the primary founders of Montreal? 25. Who was renowned as “the funniest woman in the world”?

(Yousuf Karsh/Library and Archives Canada/PA-165928)

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For more info about women in Canadian history consult the book 100 Canadian Heroines: Famous and Forgotten Faces.

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