A Guide to Women in Canadian History

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You go Canadian girl!

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Drawings from Sparks, East Saanich (Page 2)

Avril Lavigne Heroine: Singer Avril Lavigne
Artist: Jiila
East Saanich, British Columbia

Maud Abbot Heroine: Dr. Maud Abbot, a distinguished doctor who was an expert on congenital heart disease (that's Maud at right with the blonde hair)
Artist: Megan
East Saanich, British Columbia

Mommy Heroine: Mommy, because I love her
Artist: Melany
East Saanich, British Columbia

Madeleine de Vercheres Heroine: Madeleine de Verchères, who helped saved the family fort in New France
Artist: Emma
East Saanich, British Columbia

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