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Maryse Carmichael (1971-)
Snowbird pilot

Maryse Carmichael
Maryse Carmichael, 2002
(Courtesy of National Defence)

Lt.-Col. Maryse Carmichael is an accomplished pilot who became the first woman in Canadian history selected to fly with the famous Snowbirds Aerobatic Team. In November 2000 she was chosen to fly #3 position with the 431 Air Demonstration Squadron.

Born in Quebec City, Lt.-Col Carmichael served as an Air cadet from 1984 to 1988. She joined the Canadian Forces in 1990 and completed pilot training in January 1994, receiving her wings in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. She then served as Flying Instructor and the School Operations Officer and Standards Officer. In Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Lt.-Col Carmichael was with the 434 Combat Support Squadron--flying the Bombardier-Canadair CE-144 and CC-144 Challenger Aircraft. Before joining the Snowbirds she was in the VIP transport role with 412 Transport Squadron in Ottawa, Ontario, and flew such notables as Prime Minister Jean Chrétien and Governor General Adrienne Clarkson around the world.

While flying with the Snowbirds Maryse was promoted to the rank of Major and became the team's Executive Officer. After her stint with the legendary Snowbirds, she began working as Deputy Wing Operations Officer at 3 Wing Bagotville. In May 2010 she was named as the commander of the Snowbirds, becoming the first female pilot to lead the famous aerobatic squad.

Lt.-Col. Carmichael is married to Major Scott Greenough, a Canadian Forces fighter pilot, and they have two daughters. As of May 2010, Lt.-Col.Carmichael had accumulated 3200 hours of jet flying time.

(Photo courtesy Daniel Champagne/DND)

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