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Deanna Marie Brasseur (1953- )
Jet fighter aircraft pilot
Dee Brasseur
Dee Brasseur
(Reproduced with permission of Dee Brasseur.)

Major (retired) Deanna Brasseur holds the distinction of being one of the first two female CF-18 fighter pilots in the world, along with Jane Foster. After completing her training on these planes, the most powerful in the Candian Air Force, Dee flew the CF-18 in both Canada and Europe. Following studies at the Cranfield Institute of Aviation Technology in England, Major Brasseur became Canada's first female Aircraft Accident Investigator. When Major Brasseur retired in 1994 she had flown about 2,500 hours in jet airplanes.

Born in Pembroke, Ontario, Deanna Brasseur was a Royal Canadian Air Force "Brat" who grew up in military and civilian locations across Canada and the United States. She began her military career as a typist in a dental office but soon got involved in flight training. A pioneer in aviation throughout her career, Dee was one of the first three Canadian women in the military to earn her "wings", and subsequently taught flying. Deanna Brasseur made Maclean's Annual Honor Roll in 1998 for speaking out about the topic of rape and sexual abuse in the military, and the following year she became a Member of the Order of Canada.

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  • Render, Shirley. No Place for a Lady: The Story of Canadian Women Pilots 1928-1992. Winnipeg, Portage & Main Press, 1992.
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