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Susan Aglukark (1967-)
Singer and songwriter
Susan Aglukark
Susan Aglukark
(Reproduced with permission of Bumstead Productions)

A talented artist from Arctic Canada, Susan Aglukark has captivated audiences with her music. A onetime federal government linguist with the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada in Ottawa, she followed a new path after CBC Radio recorded her first album, Dreams for You, in 1991.

Born in Churchill, Manitoba, Susan was given the Inuit name Uuliniq at birth. As a child she moved throughout the Northwest Territories with her family, which included five siblings. The daughter of a Pentecostal minister, Susan Aglukark was soon singing hymns and playing the guitar.

After the release of Susan's first album, her music video Searching won an award at the Canadian Music Video Awards and became popular on MuchMusic. Susan's music is a unique combination of pop music, a powerful voice, sprituality, a connection with the land and her people, and a combination of Inuktitut and English lyrics. Her awards include the first Aboriginal Achievement Award in Arts & Entertainment, three Juno Awards and the Canadian Country Music Association's Vista Rising Star Award. Recent albums such as Arctice Rose, This Child, Unsung Heroes and Big Feeling have already sold more that 350,000 copies in Canada.

Suan Aglukark has performed for a variety of audiences, from the residents of reserves and small towns in Canada to HRH Queen Elizabeth, Nelson Mandela, France's President Jacques Chirac, and Canadian Prime Ministers Jean Chrétien and Brian Mulroney. An activist as well as a role model, Suan Aglukark uses her successful career in music to encourage people "to learn to be yourself and believe in that person".

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