A Guide to Women in Canadian History

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Canadian Illustrated News, Aug.7, 1880
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This Month in Canadian Herstory: July
  • July 2, 1941
    The Royal Canadian Air Force announced the formation of a women's branch, called the Canadian Women's Auxiliary Air Force. The RCAF was the first branch of the Canadian military that accepted women.

  • July 10, 1896
    Th�r�se Forget was born in Montreal, Quebec. She married politician Pierre Casgrain and raised a family, as well as becoming one of the leading suffragists in Quebec. Th�r�se Casgrain was a prominent reformer and human rights activist who became the first woman in Canada to lead a political party - the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF).

  • July 31, 1913
    Alys McKey Bryant became the first woman to fly a plane in Canada, when she performed in an exhibition flight for Prince Albert, Duke of York - who became King George VI. Alice was an American who learned to fly after winning a job to perform in flight demonstrations. She married John Bryant, one of the pilots who hired her, and ended her flying career after his death in August 1913.
    Watch a short video clip of Alys and her plane.

    Alys Brant
    Alys McKey Brant (Source unknown)

  • July 31, 1942
    Canadian women could join the navy, thanks to a new order-in-council. The creation of the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service enabled Canadian women to help out during the Second World War by joining a group soon known as the "Wrens".

    Members of the Women's Royal Canadian Naval Service leaving for the United
    Kingdom from Halifax, 1944. (Canada. Dept. of National Defence/National
    Archives of Canada/PA-108181)

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