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Statues and Monuments

'Our Emily'
Emily Carr Statue

Victoria, British Columbia

People Behind the Project

Barbara Paterson with Pat Bates, Cloe and Macy Richards
Sculptor Barbara Paterson, with Chloe and Macy Richards (who raised money for the statue with a lemonade stand) and artis Pat Martin Bates who donated a work of art. (Copyright M. Forster)

The Emily Carr Commemorative Statue was developed under the auspices of the Parks and Recreation Foundation of Victoria, whose mission is to "To enhance the parks system, community leisure services, recreation services, public art and education within, but not restricted to, the City of Victoria." The Emily Carr Statue Committee was responsible for fundraising for the statue as well as programming and promotion, with support from the Board of Directors.

Emily Carr Statue Committee:
Honourable Pat Carney, PC, Honorary Chair
Ann Geddes, Chair
Marilyn Dinning, Director, Victoria Hospitals Fundraising
Linda Dryden, Director, Past Chair UVic Board of Governors
Keith Myers, Director, Past Chair Kiwanis Housing Project
Merna Forster, author, 100 Canadian Heroines (Dundurn Press)
Jan Ross, Manager of Emily Carr House
Anne-Lee Switzer, author, This and That: The Lost Stories of Emily Carr (Midpoint Trade Books)
Virginia Watson-Rouslin, author, My Mother Was Right(Wiley & Sons)
Frances Wright (Ex Officio), Founder of 'Famous 5' Foundation
Moira Dann (Ex Officio), journalist

2009-2010 Board of Directors
Ann Geddes, President
Linda Dryden, Vice-President
Linda Vance, Secretary
Keith Meyers, Treasurer
Cindy Archer, Director
Marilyn Dinning, Director
David English, Director

Bonnie Hardy
Bonnie Hardy organized the Art of All Sorts Fundraiser.
(Copyright Merna Forster)

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